Tour Leader Alan Nixon

Alan is a creative talent who’s creativity has spanned many art diciplines, which has culminated over the last five years in his true passion, photography.

After two years in the fashion industry and being a fine art painter, he moved into an advertising career as an art director which allowed him to have an awarding winning, creative advertising career spanning 30 years, of which the last 12 years were as an Executive Creative Director for TBWA Hunt Lascaris. He spent many hours on photographic locations and studios directing photo shoots resulting in a natural flair for composition, lighting and the post editing process. His passion for landscape and nature photography eventually led him to leave the advertising industry where he could focus on his photography fulltime.

Having the abilty to see an image before most is one thing but being able to impart that imfomation is where Alan execels, having the experience of managing creative departments of over 30 people at a time. He is a patient, creative and guiding mentor when it comes to the photographic diciplines of composition, lighting, editing and seeing the wood for the trees, so to speak.

Alan has always had a passion for nature and the great outdoors, whether birding or doing bush trips in his 4x4. After being introduced to fellow photographer Rory Baker in 2014 and launching My Photo School, the launch of My Photo Safaris was always going to be on the cards for both of them.

Alan’s work has been published in the Getaway, Go and The Digital photgraher UK magazines and was recently in the top 7 of the 2016 Getaway magazine photograph of the year. He also features regularly on the top international photographic online forums.


Alan Nixon Photography